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www.thedesknews.blogspot.in is an online website which gives all latest trends, bollywood hollywood movies details, sports, politics, technology, education and much more. We try our best to give our best to give you true knowledge. Also we are not forcing you to have faith or assurance on www.dekhnews.com. Here we try to give you all the latest information. If you are having some information related to the content of this site, you can share this with us.
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We are the Web Entrepreneurs from New Delhi and the founder & author at  www.thedesknews.blogspot.in
We are group from India (Delhi), who wants to be a self dependent. As an author, We are trying our best to improve this platform day by day. If you are having any idea, suggestion and complain in your mind approximately about this website then you are free to contact us & share your thought.
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